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Unlock Your BlackBerry Today for as low as $4.99 per Unlock code. Delivery Time: 1 to 15 min. Excluding BB10 Models. Please note that some of the latest models from 93XX, 99XX, 97XX series might require different method of retrieving unlock code, which will cost $14.99.



How to Get IMEI # and PRD #?



how to get prd and imei number from blackberry



Unlocking any BlackBerry – Get Your Unlock Code in Minutes

What is this whole BlackBerry unlocking do-hicky? Here, we like to keep things simple and get you BlackBerry unlock code fast. Who can do it? Anyone! Why should I do it? Because it’s fast and easy to unlock your blackberry and use it on any network worldwide! How long will it take? 1 to 15 minutes for the whole process  Do I have to give you my credit card information? No, you can pay securely using PayPal that does not disclose your Credit Card information to us!

  • How to unlock a BlackBerry

Most of the newer BlackBerries are super easy to unlock. It usually requires 2 things. First, is your BlackBerry unlock code. The second is a SIM card from a wireless network carrier that your phone is not originally from. From there, you can probably guess what you have to do, but we’ll tell you anyway. Insert that foreign SIM into your phone, and your BlackBerry will tell you what to do from there. Afterall, they call it a smart phone for a reason! If this doesn’t work, then your phone is probably already unlocked or you have an old BlackBerry which we have alternate instructions for!

  • What you will Gain

Three simple, yet profound things that you will gain will come from unlocking your BlackBerry. The first and most important is that you will gain the power to kill your roaming fees! If you have ever faced paying roaming fees, then your eyes probably opened real wide! The second is that you will be able to sell your phone for more cash if it is unlocked. It makes it a more saleable phone if it can be used on any GSM network right? Finally, if you feel like switching wireless carriers, or perhaps you’re moving to another country, you will be able to take your phone with you without spending a fortune on another phone – possibly even the same one! There are more secrets to be found on how to take advantage of your BlackBerry. These are just a few to let you know what others are taking advantage of right now as we speak.

  • Applying your Unlocked BlackBerry

With all of those benefits listed above, applying your unlocked BlackBerry phone is very simple. After you unlock your BlackBerry, you can use any GSM SIM card in your phone. Therefore, all you need to do is to insert your SIM card into your phone from your favorite GSM carrier and you are good to go instantly!

  • What is a BlackBerry unlock code?

A BlackBerry unlock code is a unique numeric code which is generated based on the IMEI or the serial number from your BlackBerry phone. This means that no code will ever be the same since the codes are based on your IMEI, wireless service provider that the phone is originally from and the model of the phone.

With your unlock code for BlackBerry, you can use the phone on any GSM carrier, allowing you be creative in how you save money on your wireless bills. Whether it is with another wireless network or while travelling abroad. We are here to help you truly save money. Unlock Your Blackberry Today!